• "Amazing setting, lovely people, great mix of music & a real ale tent right next to where I was DJing!"  - Mr Scruff

  • Best Medium Festival 2013 & 2016 Best Small Festival 2010 & 2011, Best Toilets 2015!

  • "Kendal Calling is loved as much for its breathtaking setting in rolling green fields as for its top-notch lineup"  - Sunday Times

  • "Run to the hills for this small, family-friendly indie-dance festival. Small but beautifully formed"  - The Independent

  • "Small, perfectly formed and serving up a wealth of old-fashioned hospitality"  - The Telegraph

  • "It's like Glastonbury at its best!! Happy beautiful people from the north. Long live Kendal Calling!"  - Doves

  • "One of the UK’s most picturesque festivals..."  - The Guardian

  • "Kendal Calling is the best small festival in anywhere and everywhere!"  - Seasick Steve

  • "It's unlike any other festival. One of the highlights of summer!"  - The Charlatans

  • "I loved Kendal Calling!"  - Mark Chadwick, The Levellers

  • "Beautifully brilliant... one to remember"  - Manchester Evening News

Barely two years ago, Bondax were trapped in limbo. Adam Kaye and George Townsend had shot from schoolmates to a worldwide touring act soon after signing their first record deal aged 17. Early singles ‘Gold’, ‘All I See’ and ‘Giving It All’ brought them radio hits, festival slots and tours in the UK and around the world. But soon after, they hit a hurdle. Locked into a major label deal, their heads buzzing with ideas they couldn’t bring to life, Bondax had thoughts of change, and even packing it all in, after too many nights on tour and half a lifetime of living in each other’s pockets.

Instead, they took a leap of faith and started all over again – and the result is Revolve, a radical makeover and a glittering calling card for two young producers who’ve truly hit their stride. Ambitious, eclectic and irresistibly tuneful, their debut album is a heartfelt homage to the music that made them and the world they’ve discovered since their breakout success.

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