• "One of the UK’s most picturesque festivals..."  - The Guardian

  • "Kendal Calling is loved as much for its breathtaking setting in rolling green fields as for its top-notch lineup"  - Sunday Times

  • Best Medium Festival 2013 & 2016 Best Small Festival 2010 & 2011, Best Toilets 2015!

  • "Run to the hills for this small, family-friendly indie-dance festival. Small but beautifully formed"  - The Independent

  • "Small, perfectly formed and serving up a wealth of old-fashioned hospitality"  - The Telegraph

  • "Kendal Calling is the best small festival in anywhere and everywhere!"  - Seasick Steve

  • "I loved Kendal Calling!"  - Mark Chadwick, The Levellers

  • "It's like Glastonbury at its best!! Happy beautiful people from the north. Long live Kendal Calling!"  - Doves

  • "Beautifully brilliant... one to remember"  - Manchester Evening News

  • "Amazing setting, lovely people, great mix of music & a real ale tent right next to where I was DJing!"  - Mr Scruff

  • "It's unlike any other festival. One of the highlights of summer!"  - The Charlatans

Slamboree are an anarchic pack of revolutionary performers and musicians that came from an idea that was first hatched in the deepest darkest crevices of multi-award-winning musician Mike Freear’s mind.

Weaving together live electronic music and theatrical performance, the result was bringing a music video to life on stage and fuelling each show with raw talent and audience energy that became a signature of Slamboree performances.

Their electric stage shows resonated with audiences worldwide, with Slamboree appearing at festivals and events across Australia, the Americas, Europe and all four corners of the UK.

With vocal powerhouse and linguistic snake charmer Kathika Rabbit, and guided by the tantalising visuals of theatrical artistic director Lizzie West, Slamboree has now grown into a world-wide phenomenon.

“If you were going to design the perfect festival band this would be it. There is nothing self conscious here. This is not introspective indie but a full on no holds barred circus cabaret extravagant that really rocks…they mesmerise with their kinetic action.”

“I’ll be honest…..it’s f***ing amazing…and you can quote us on that.” – THE WAREHOUSE PROJECT

“Blown away”- THE GUARDIAN

“Slamboree are a perfect festival band!” – EFESTIVALS

“The band looked like floating voodoo priests and the music was brilliant.” – BLEACH / 5 UK FESTIVAL BANDS TO SEE BEFORE YOU DIE

“Brilliant, extravagant, out of this world” – LANDED FESTIVAL

“Slamboree represent an unrivalled and explosive ferocious treat for the eyes and ears with a show like no other!” – KENDAL CALLING FESTIVAL

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