Kendal Calling has the privilege of taking place amongst the wonderful scenery of The Lakes each year, blending the magic of the festival experience with the serenity of the Lake District’s rolling hills and woodlands. As well as stunning views, our festival holds a thriving ecosystem with diverse wildlife thanks to the conservation efforts of the Lowther Estate, who lend us the Deer Park each year for our long weekend in the fields.

The pairing of Kendal Calling and Lowther seemed destined, as we both share a commitment to foster community spirit and a commitment to sustainability. Among its many conservation efforts one initiative stands out for its importance in sustaining biodiversity: beekeeping.

You probably didn’t know that colonies of bees get to call Kendal Calling their home all year round. Bees are crucial pollinators, playing a key role in the reproduction of greenery and plant life you see beautifully scattered throguhtout the site.

For many years, Jim Lowther has had a passion for bees – and in 2015, he began to farm them himself, making the project a family one while also benefiting the land. Bees are now an integral part of the estate plan, alongside the extensive planting of new trees and creation of new grasslands meaning the Lowther honeybees can enjoy a more varied diet. All this makes for a comfortable home and pleasant place for a grand total of 500 hives and counting to pollinate across 130 acres of the estate.

The efforts put into beekeeping at the Lowther Estate yield rewards in more ways than one, as Jim has been selling his incredibly delicious (if we do say so ourselves!) honey. Not only does Jim harvest and bottle the honey himself but he also makes the hive in his workshop at his Lakeland farmhouse.

A queen-breeding programme has also been underway since 2020, ensuring the future of the lovely lake district bee’s and their hives.

If you have the opportunity to visit Lowther Estate or are attending Kendal Calling this year, take a moment to appreciate the lovely contributions of our buzzing inhabitants. While they are kept far away from festivalgoers during our big weekend, you will certainly see the benefits of keeping our furry little friends everywhere you look!